Some Opinions on Recent Things I've Seen and Read

Miss me? Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been taken a little holiday blogging break. Had a lovely Christmas in NYC, and headed to New Orleans for New Year’s. I’ve managed to see quite a few movies of late, and highly, highly recommend Doubt. It’s masterfully compressed, the writing is brilliant and the acting is sublime. I also really liked Frost/Nixon, though it’s not quite on the same plain.

If you’re looking for a lucid, concise and highly readable book that attempts to explain the origins of the current financial crisis, it’s hard to do better than George Cooper’s “The Origin of Financial Crises: Central Banks, Credit Bubbles and the Efficient Market Fallacy”: Cooper belongs to the “central-banks-are-to-blame” school, and makes the case quite convincingly. Though it’s important to note that his account is by no means the final word.

Finally, for a dose of fiction: I’m about 100 pages into 2666 the final novel by Chilean writer Roberto Bolano, who died in 2003 before the novel could be published. His literary executor arranged for its publication, and just recently, the mammoth work was translated into English and is now available here. Like I said, I’m only 100 pages in, but so far it is stunningly good. Wow.

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