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The real motivation for me to get a blog up was so I could devote even more of my waking hours to sports. In that vein, I briefly broke my no-sports-talk-radio-call-in-shows rule last night (you gotta draw the line somewhere) and listened to the SCORE as irate listeners called up to beg Lovie Smith to bench Rex Grossman. I dunno, but I’m still not convinced. I basically think the Bears should be aiming for Rex to have more performances like he did against the Jets two weeks ago: a respectable completion percentage, about 180 yards and most importantly no turnovers. I think it Rex cuts down his turnovers, the team is very, very hard to beat. Of course, that’s a big if. Right now Rex is clearly pressing. He’s locked in one of those vicious psychological circles where the more you fail, the harder you try to succeed, thereby insuring more failure. Either that, or he just thinks that chucking it downfield into tight coverage is sexy.

Anyway, as I learned in intro economics, all choices involve opportunity costs. When we talk about benching Rex Grossman, we’re talking about starting Brian Griese. My friend Brian Cook has some good thoughts about why that’s a terrible idea. I agree.

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