Morning Links

Today’ll be a light-blogging one. I’m trying to finish up a draft, and have explicitly chosen a coffee-house that charges for wireless in an effort to create a strong disincentive for procastinating by reading weblogs. If you’re reading these words, you can tell how well that’s going. Also: thanks to everyone who emailed yesterday. It was nice to make some readers’ virtual acquiantance. For everyone who does read please do send along links you think might be of interest.

OK, here’s a few things to chew on during your mid-morning coffee break:

1) People who score higher on IQ tests, make more money, but don’t accrue more wealth. What skills does capitalism reward? Being good at capitalism.

2) Some much-needed wisdom on Democrats, spending and deficits from Brad Plumer.

3) Ezra Klein on the Health of Nations

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