Inequality Files

From the NYT:

Last year, Paul S. Pressler, the ousted chief executive of Gap, was paid $15.4 million. Ralph Lauren, chief executive of Polo Ralph Lauren, took home $22.7 million. Alan J. Lacy, then the chief executive of Sears Holdings, received $23.2 million. And Robert L. Nardelli, the ex-chief executive of Home Depot, pocketed $36.5 million — a figure that, albeit lower than Mr. Frankfort’s pay, helped usher Mr. Nardelli out the door. Perhaps only the former Gap chief Millard S. Drexler, who now runs J. Crew, earned more than Mr. Frankfort — an estimated $300 million over the last four years. But that compensation was granted when private equity firms owned J. Crew.

For years, these pay packages have largely flown below the radar — and surveys of the top-paid chief executives — because of a calendar quirk. Most retail and fashion companies file data about their chief’s pay in April and May, a month later than most other companies do, so they can incorporate results from the holiday selling season, when they do the bulk of their business.

But an analysis prepared for Sunday Business by Equilar, an executive compensation research firm, shows that the paychecks sent to chief executives of several retail and fashion companies are among the richest in American business.

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