A Few More NAFTA Highway Thoughts

I’ve been getting a lot of email and reaction to the NAFTA Highway piece and one reader wrote to ask what the difference was between the TTC and the NAFTA Highway. It’s a fair question, and, funnily enough, I think the answer is pretty well summed up by a commenter over at, of all places, the FreeRepublic thread about the article.

I understood the article to mean 1. the TTC exists, 2. there are plans being considered to make it easier to ship NAFTA goods north and south on existing expressways (including the TTC), 3. those plans may (rightly or wrongly) be called plans for a NAFTA Superhighwy, and 4. the NAFTA Superhighway does not exist in the sense that Jerome Corsi and the John Birch Society believe it does.

My own modification would be that I really don’t think you can call the TTC a “NAFTA Highway.” When people at townhalls in Iowa ask about the “NAFT Superhighway,” it’s clear they’re conceiving of an actual plan that is in the works and expect to see a bulldozer in their cornfield any day now. That’s the mythology I was trying to debunk. But that doesn’t mean that increased cross-border traffic isn’t part of the justification for the TTC or that there aren’t forces out there hoping for increasing public expenditures that will make it easier and cheaper for business to ship goods through Mexico and up into the US.

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