Getting An F in Leftism 101

As many people have pointed out, I made a somewhat mortifying error in my article on Ron Paul. I wrote “Trotsky/Lenin split,” when I, of course, meant to write “Trotsky/Stalin” split. Somehow this made it into print, which is equally mortifying. As penance I’m saying ten Communist Manifestos. The silver lining is that we at the magazine can now point to this error when any time in future someone accuses us of being crypto-Marxist pinkos.

UPDATE: Also, Justin Raimondo, who I quote in the piece makes the important point in the comments that there is a substantive component to the war, which centers around the fact that some of the most prominent Cato folks went soft on imperialism (and even supported the Iraq war). That said, while the war clearly exacerbated the ideological/factional divide, it was already firmly entrenched long before 2003.

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