Mid-Day Links

Sorry for the light blogging last few days, I’ve been traveling. Soon, I’ll be moving the bulk of my blogging activity over to the Nation site, where we’re putting up a new, DC-based blog anchored by yours truly. As of now, we’re looking for a name, so please do send suggestions. (My favorite, Das Capitol, is a non-starter)

In the meantime, for your perusal:

1) Ryan Lizza on the immigration obsession wreaking havoc in the GOP primary. Here’s my short-hand analysis of the situation. The GOP coalition is made up of, roughly, three groups: the Christianists, the Corporatists and the Nationalists. The Bush administration has given those first two groups a lot, and given the last group almost nothing. The Nationalists feel like they’ve gotten bupkus. They’re pissed and they constitute about 20–30% of GOP primary voters.

2) Ben Smith has a great piece on this crazy-like-a-fox pro Hillary site. I really, really hope this is being run by a professional.

3) Experimental philosophy. I’m intrigued.

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