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I tend to think efforts to tar economic populists with the demagogue’s brush are simply lame attempts by the establishment to discredit those who endanger its interests. But this gave me pause:

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has a message for President Bush: any plan to relocate to the US thousands of refugees uprooted by the Iraq war shouldn't include Ohio.

The administration plans to allow about 7,000 Iraqi refugees to settle in the United States over the next year, a huge expansion at a time of mounting international pressure to help millions who have fled their homes in the nearly four-year-old war.

Strickland—a Democrat who opposed the war as a US House member—says Ohioans can’t be expected to have open arms for Iraqis displaced by the war. More than 100 Ohioans have been killed since the war began. The governor says he has sympathy for the refugees’ plight, but he won’t ask Ohioans to accept a greater burden.

I used to think fairly highly of Strickland (though he completely screwed over Sherrod Brown and other fellow Democrats during the last cycle), but this is some straight up racist bullshit. He should be ashamed.

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