Dispatch From Richmond

Barack Obama was in Richmond the other night to talk to the state’s Democratic party and pick up an endorsement from Tim Kaine. One of our readers was there as well. He writes:

Obama captures the crowd's attention, you could hear a pindrop when he was up there, with 3500+ listening to him. It wasn't his best speech, but he has such a grasp of how to deliver. I hope that soon, he delivers more specific reasons to vote for him...One little observation about Obama's standing in the black community - young blacks love him. The old school, civil rights fighting, part of the black machine folks are split between him and Hilary. But for the majority of blacks under the age of 35, he is the man. We shall see how this plays out. I think the youth vote is the key to the primary and general for Obama.

I think he’s definitely right about the generational split, which extends to all races, I think. Young people love Obama, but the question is whether they’ll actually vote in a primary.

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