Not About Oil

From Sahar in Baghdad:

I know it is all about the oil. I know that those who thought to use the greed of US politicians to remove one rotten tyrant and impose the will of tens of others upon the people of Iraq, had oil in mind as payment for the services rendered by the US Administration.

Oil, not blood.
The wound is now open, left to fester, contaminated by some known and mostly unknown germs.
But now the price to be paid is being dealt out in a different coinage; blood, and human lives; some taken, others destroyed; more yet left in despair over lost loved ones that have been killed, maimed or have simply disappeared.
The price is not paid by those who made the decision and reaped the benefits, but by us.
Democracy and freedom for the Iraqi people!
I issue an invitation to Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.
Come; experience first hand the democracy you brought us.
Come; partake of the freedom you so generously taught us.
Come, I will offer you my home, there is room enough.
I had a brother. He was killed; coinage for your democracy. (11.Aug, 2005 – 52 yrs)
I had a son. He was killed; coinage for your freedom. (3 Dec, 2005 – 18 yrs)
I had a nephew. He was killed; coinage to ease your inflated ego. (12 Feb, 2007 – 30 yrs)
Come, there is room enough in my home to accommodate you; but there is no room in my heart to accommodate your lame excuses.
Come, all those who participated in wounding our hearts; come; there are more than half a million places vacant of their occupants, we will accommodate you.
There is room enough.

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