The Morning After

I’m attempting to pound out a first draft of a long piece, so blogging will be light for the next few days. (I can hear the disappointed sigh from all seven my readers.) As for last nights’ game, well, it was clearly a crushing defeat for all who believe in a more just, more humane society. Well, ok, not really, but it was still a bummer. I have to say that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much this morning as I thought it might, mostly, I think, because like most other Chicagoans, I never really believed that this team could win the whole thing. Finally, we were proved right.

Here are some links to help your Monday procrastination:

1. String theory is bullsh*t.

2. James Wolcott filets and guts Adam Gopnik.

3. The Shins latest really is quite good. Not nearly as instantly addictive as Chutes Too Narrow, but still gorgeous.

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