If You Let Us Unionize...

…we won’t send you to jail. That’s roughly the trade that Thomas Geoeghan proposes here.

And labor has a dream bill: the George Miller-authored "Employee Free Choice Act." It has more than a dozen Senate sponsors -- Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, all the party's big guns. It might really work. It would make U.S. labor law like Canada's, maybe even stronger. It would let employees get unions just by signing cards -- without having to run what can be a four- to five-year gauntlet of lawsuits, firings, intimidation, and all the bells and whistles of union-busting campaigns.

How big would it be for the left?

How about, it’s the last chance to rein in the plutocracy and curb inequality. How about, nothing else but this bill will help out working families—not more college loans, not more college B.A.‘s, nothing but a change in the way we set wages. (In Working Under Different Rules, two Harvard economists showed a correlation between union wage setting and income equality in a study of twenty developed countries.) If it’s all true, wouldn’t it be worth a lot to get?

Yes. Read the whole thing.

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