Going to Chicago?

Having just moved and still working and settling in, I won’t be headed back to Chicago for YearlyKos.

But for those readers who are, let me channel my inner travel writer and recommend a few sights:

1) Encased Meats—Go to Hot Dougs . Seriously, the best hot dogs and sausages you’ll ever have. Not far from Wrigley.

2) Wrigley—Speaking of Wrigley, the Cubs are on a homestand, and if you’ve never been to Wrigley you are really missing out on an incredible American experience, even if you’re not crazy about baseball. The game’s are all sold out, but you can always get tickets through Craigslist, from scalpers around the stadium, or show up early in the morning (I forget the hour) when they release a block of tickets for that day’s game.

3) A bike ride along the lake shore path is a treat if the weather’s nice. Bike’s can be rented up by the Oak Street Beach (1000 north)

4) The Architectural Boat Tour is expensive and touristy but super fun and interesting and provides a great view of the loop, which is pretty stunning when seen from the river.

5) The picket line outside the Congress Hotel. UNITE-HERE has been on strike against the bastard who owns the place for, like, four years. Stop by and show your solidarity.

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