World Refugee Day

The crisis grows. We have so much to atone for.

And in this winter vision I was standing, my feet sunk deep

in the sands of a murderous beach,
within the softly humming sphere
of an inverted Earth.
The world, the world was hollow
and us poor, pale creatures danced
atop the inner crust, so that
the sky was filled with the
Infinitely arching globe.

There above us were the continents,
the oceans, the clustered pinpricks of city light
and between the snowflakes,
one could make out
the long and terrible
shadow of the priests of war.

In this inverted globe,
there was no daydreaming,
the stars stayed silent,
giving way to the droves of survivors who marched:
babes at their breasts,
bricks and books and all manner of holy things strapped to their backs.

And in the quiet of night, you could see
The boats leaving
For foreign shores.

Chris Hayes is the host of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

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