Morning Links

1. A review of Studs Terkel’s memoir. (Scott McLemee has similar thoughts, though was a bit braver in spelling out what he didn’t like.)

2. Stategic drift in Iraq

3. Lessig endorses Obama. More thoughts on this later, but for now, I thought the intro to his blog post was very, very revealing:

"DON'T DO THIS!" a friend wrote, a friend who never uses allcaps, a friend who cares genuinely about what's good for me, and who believes that what's good for me depends in part upon how easily I can talk to the next administration. "He is NOT going to win. She has it sewed up. DON'T burn your bridges before they're hatched -- so to speak."

This kind of calculation is extremely common in DC. Maybe everyone already knew that, but I’ve been amazed at how scared folks seem of being frozen out of the Clinton restoration.

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