The Bob Rubin Files

Went to see trade economist Jagdish Bhagwati last night. He’s the author of and author of In Defense of Globalization, a title which gives a pretty good indication of where he stands on trade issues. Be he offered a pretty interesting tid bit. He was rambling on about Kerry, and the Kerry campaign and said that at some point in the general election, after Bob Rubin had signed on as an advisor, he saw Kerry giving a speech in which he blasted “Benedict Arnold” companies for pursuing off-shore tax havens. According to Bhagwati, he picked up the phone and called Kerry and said “If you ever say that again I’m off the campaign.”

Needless to say, the Benedict Arnold line had been getting enthusiastic reception and tested off the charts. It never made another appearance. Another example of the Bob Rubin effect on the Democratic party.

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