Snapshots of Rome Before the Fall

Testimony from the trial of Duke Cunningham briber Brent Wilkes:

When the prostitutes arrived, Cunningham and Wilkes argued over who would enjoy the attention of which one. Cunningham got angry when Wilkes kept the prettier of the two women for himself -- so angry, the North County Times suggests, that it might have hindered his cozy business relationship Wilkes, but not so angry that he didn't make use of the services that the not-so-attractive prostitute was there to provide.

“They asked us if we wanted to get naked and get into the Jacuzzi,” the less attractive of the two prostitutes told the court this week.

“What did you do?” the prosecutor asked.

“We got naked and got in the Jacuzzi,” she said.

The woman said Cunningham proceeded to feed her grapes in the Jacuzzi before having sex with her.

After finishing, Cunningham picked up his violin and began playing feverishly as the yacht burst into flames.

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