More on Right-Wing Email Forwards

There’s an interesting thread over at the Carpetbagger Report, where readers relate their experience receiving specious email rumors. This comment caught my eye:

14. On October 26th, 2007 at 10:55 am, Tom Cleaver said: I remember the last one of these I got - from a (no longer) friend - writing to tell us all, from his perch down in southern Orangutang County, how we in Los Angeles had a District Attorney’s office that was spending 70 percent of its resources on the prosecution of illegal immigrants, who were 50 percent of the murder defendants.

And when I “replied all” and let these morons know that my ex-girlfriend who now runs the Major Cases Unit of the L.A. District Attorneys Office had informed me that illegal immigrants were less than 2 percent of their prosecutions and that only one illegal immigrant had been arrested for murder this year, the replies were that she obviously had to hide the truth, since it would “create a revolution” if “real people” knew about this.

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