From the Mailbag

There are more where these came from:

DO NOT LIE OR MISREPRESENT THE TRUTH, PERIOD. Grow-up Christopher and realize that your words being printed about the NWO (NAFTA, SPP, etc.) are lots of nails in the coffin of RIP, USA. Thanks, maybe -- we'll see how it all shakes down when the US$ is 200% worthless (now at 100% worthless and sinking), due to the words of so many (you, et al), here in America, as nothing more than obfuscated rhetoric to bury our sovereignty. Wow, what a legacy you bring to your children and so on. I hope you enjoy your "hyperinflation" -- and may all those who suffer from the real truth, find their way to your home when they can no longer find work or food.

The writer omitted that they’ll be wielding pitchforks, but maybe that goes without saying.

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