Iraq Is Not Going Away

If you look back over the almost five year occupation of Iraq, you’ll note there were times when things seemed to be going well, violence was down and it appeared we may be turning a corner. Obviously, hope springs eternal for that to be the case. The reduction in violence in Iraq these last few months is very meaningful insofar as it means less horror, less loss and bloodshed and tragedy for the people of Iraq. With Iraq having moved off the front pages, I fear, though, that some have fooled themselves into thinking it won’t be an issue going forward. This is folly. Spencer Ackerman reported yesterday that we’re beginning to see violence spiking back upwards. Today, comes word that US casualties are up for the first time in four months. If the increased troops on the ground were the proximate cause of the relative cessation of violence in Iraq, then it’s not difficult to predict what awaits when they rotate out.

Chris Hayes is the host of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

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