The Obama Coalition

Bowers makes a good case here that it’s fairly sui generis, and tenuous. To add to the reasons Obama is doing well, my colleague at the Nation Te-Ping Chen contacted OpenSecrets yesterday to try to figure out which candidate was spending more field organizing. Given the way expenditures are reported in FEC filings, it’s impossible to know, but closet proxy is how much the campaigns are spending on salaries. The more field organizers you hire, the larger your staff, the larger your staff, the more you pay in salaries.

So far, here are the numbers: Clinton has spent $14.8 million on benefits/salary, and Obama $20.3 million. He’s spending 33% more on staff and that 5 million goes a long way with organizers that make $2,000 a month, which is what the Obama organizers are making. If all of that money is spent on field organizers, that’s 2500 more organizers for Obama. Obviously that’s not the case, but, still, I think the reason he’s been so dominant in caucuses is that the campaign has just invested more resources in organizers and organizing.

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