More Thoughts on Women Voters and HRC

From reader JK:

I'm an Edwards supporter for ideological reasons, but I'm also a progressive woman of about HRC's age, and I personally feel, and so do any number of my woman friends, almost driven to vote for her because I'm so infuriated by the unbelievably misogynistic treatment she's gotten from the commentariat, and often even the supposedly straight news reporters.

HRC is flawed, like every other presidential candidate in my lifetime, but she’s obviously a good woman with substantial qualities and in no way deserves the scornful treatment she gets at the hands of these people. No matter what she does, she’s excoriated. They will not permit her to campaign, essentially.

She rather mildly criticizes one of her male opponents, and hysteria ensues. The sainted Barack Obama coolly interrupts her during a debate to inform her that she’s “likable enough” in a really insufferable put-down, and there are no consequences at all.

I don’t fault the other candidates, including Obama. Seems to me they respect her and have been whanging her (the above put-down being the exception) almost entirely on their minute substantive differences, and entirely legitimately. But what seems like screaming hordes of male and female harpies on TV and in the papers are sending me around the bend.

If there’s a “sympathy vote” for Hillary among women, it’s less sympathy than rage about that unceasing beating she’s been getting from these people, not some giant “Awwwwww” over her “tearing up” on one occasion the day before the primary. The rank misogyny in the “analysis” of the women’s vote is also just odious.

Since it seems Edwards isn’t going to win and probably won’t even be in the race by the time my state (Vermont) has its primary in March, I’m likely to vote for HRC if for no other reason than to help make those hateful pundits’ heads explode some more.

Pat Buchanan, of all people, said on MSNBC the other night that his sister (who’s written and spoken about HRC in the vilest of terms over the years) and his mother were both shocked and indignant about the way Hillary is being treated by the media. They’re not going to vote for her, but if even staunch right-wing Hillary-hating women are appalled, imagine how the rest of us feel about it.

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