Back on the Trail

Happy New Year one and all, and apologies for the hiatus. While in Chicago with Kate, I heard some grumbling from some regular readers about my meager holiday production and for that I apologize. Unfortunately, I head to New Hampshire on Friday and will be driving around the snowy wilds of the granite state for a week, so blogging will, once again, be somewhat sparse. But I’ll try to help you effectively procrastinate during your first few days back at work after the holidays:

1) Kate got me Shalom Auslander’s Foreskin’s Lament for xmas and it’s fantastic.

2) Nader backs Edwards. Kucinich backs Obama.

3) Arbitrage opportunities in election prediction markets

4) Elana Berkowitz has a great dispatch from RonPaulandia.

5) Inimitable Hendrik Hertzberg on Romney, Huckabbe and God.

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