Tomorrow Shouldn't Matter

Sam Boyd over at TAPPED makes a good point:

Finally, it's worth noting that unless something dramatic happens tomorrow (like the Des Moines Register poll predicts), the actual winner will be determined by things like weather and which campaign manager made a dumb argument on a Sunday talk show. Viewing the Iowa race as a tie is the correct interpretation. Reporters have a tendency to wildly over-interpret all kinds of data, particularly close elections, and we should welcome a new willingness to admit that sometimes there isn't a clear winner and voters can be ambivalent. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

That’s right. Iowa’s essentially a tie, and while winning always matters (that’s what elections are about) there’s no reason for the press to confer some massive “momentum” to whomever it is happens to come in first. There’s a lot more votes to be cast after tomorrow. The urge to crown a winner as soon as possible is downright undemocratic.

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