I agree with Matt that this whole flap over Obama’s characterization of Reagan is pretty silly. (I also agree with him that it would make Obama’s defenders’ job a lot easier if Obama himself wasn’t always walking this fine line between sensible comity and feckless wishy-washiness.) I also think Paul Krugman has really gone too far. All of us on the center-left with media platforms (and Krugman has one of the highest profile of anyone) have some kind of basic responsibility, I think, not to turn our platform into hatchet for or against one of the Democratic primary candidates. It would be different if there were a massive ideological gulf here, if say Joseph Lieberman had a chance at the Democratic nomination, but from Krugman’s writing it seems that, the issue of mandates aside, like Krugman’s just really annoyed by Obama’s rhetoric. That is, of course, his right, but as David Warsh points out, he’s focused on Obama with almost monomaniacal consistency. Enough.

Newt Gingrich repeatedly praised FDR, calling him the greatest president of the 20th century. Are we to think Gingrich is a secret social democrat?

Finally, as for Republican talking points: Clinton attacked Obama last night for wanting to spend money on foreign aid (!)

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