Impressions From NH

Saw Obama this morning, Huckabee this afternoon (with, of course, Chuck Norris) and am now sitting in a state Democratic party dinner in an indoor soccer field. I have a whole lot of thoughts, but I’ll just say that Obama was excellent this morning (surprise!). His new stump speech really is a marvel, in how it combines the deservedly- praised Obama rhetoric with these very specific refutations of his opponents (read: Clinton’s) arguments against him. Some say I’m x, but really, that’s a pretty silly criticism when you think about it. His best line: “Some say I’m not ready. That I need to be seasoned. I need to be stewed. They need to boil the hope out of me, and then I’ll be ready to lead.”

This is Obama’s chief rhetorical talent, the ability to move outside of himself at certain moments, to be both earnest and passionate and almost willfully guileless, while also seeming wise and gifted with perspective. It’s very tough to counter when it’s working effectively.

I’ll have a longer dispatch on Huckabee later.

Also: Dennis Kucinich just said we should impeach the President and Vice President and the crowd of over 2,000 here went nuts.

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