"Don't Know Anything About Barack Obama"

That’s what NPR‘s Washington Editor Ron Elving just said on the Diane Rehm show. He was talking about the thinking process of disgruntled Republicans who are disaffected and considering jumping ship but consider John McCain the “devil they know” and Obama the “devil they don’t.” This may or may not be an accurate reflection of some voters’ thinking, but I’m truly shocked by the degree to which people casually refer to Barack Obama as an unknown quantity. Look, this is someone who wrote an extraordinarily honest and revealing autobiography when he was 33. In the last four years, he’s been on the cover of every major magazine in the country, indeed, probably in the English-speaking world. I would even suggest that there’s not a single living person with a higher ratio of words written about them to hours lived. So say he’s young, or that he hasn’t been in Washington long enough, but unknown quantity? Please.

Chris Hayes is the host of All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

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