Via Hotline, this tidbit from Karl Rove about why McCain chose New Orleans for his speech last night:

"Okay, Chris, tonight is Barack Obama's night." -- Obama supporter/Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), asked by MSNBC's Matthews if Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) will start his book tour in the men's room at the Minneapolis airport (MSNBC).

“The polls close in South Dakota [at 9pm ET], with Michigan closing an hour later”—CNN‘s Blitzer, mistaking MI for MT.

And check out this exchange between FNC‘s Wallace and Karl Rove over John McCain’s choice of New Orleans to deliver his first general-election speech:

Rove: “I think I would have picked a blue state… a state that’s up for grabs.”

Wallace: “So the fact, and clearly the symbolism here was that I’m going to a state that was a, quote, Bush failure, with Katrina, and I’m going to show that I’m breaking with the administration.”

Rove: “Well, no, actually I think they went there because he had a long, planned series of fundraising events in Memphis, and in Louisiana.”

Wallace: [laughter] “Oh really? Oh, so that was the great strategy here?” (FNC).


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